Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saving trees

I spent some time today shortening the description for the different races, in order to be more like other Savage Worlds companions.

Again I'd like to specify I copied most of the racial info from The Returner's FFRPG. There's more original material now and its more tailored to Savage Worlds. I still recommend going over to their page for reference material. Enjoy!

Why so blue?

I got rid of Blue Mages and anything related. I figure the entire concept is incompatible with Savage Worlds and pen-and-paper roleplaying in general as it is a mechanic designed with single-player games in mind.

The process of hunting down creatures and tricking them into using their powers on you can be tedious for one player, let alone a group.

In other news, I'm working under the hood, fixing HTML formatting and whatnot. So, the project is not dead!

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was trying to migrate this page to the Google Sites, but apparently it’s still being worked on, so all the new stuff I posted there I brought back here.

  • Arcane backgrounds have been redone to be more vague, keeping to de essence of Savage Worlds
  • The professional edges were adjusted accordingly
  • Separated trappings from arcane backgrounds
  • Minor tweaks and corrections
  • Added a more fantasy-ish background

Stuff to expect soon:

  • A proper table of contents for each page (I know they’re really long)
  • More professional edges
  • Tips on running battles with miniatures (like in the Tactics series) or narratively (Like in FFX and previous iterations).
  • Downloadable items list (the table is too big to post as HTML)

Again, thanks for your support! Feedback is always appreciated!