Monday, August 13, 2012

Of Blue magick and smart phones.

So I've been thinking about the blue mage, and how its gimmicky nature makes it ill-suited for a player character.

Then beastmasters, chocobo knights, morphers, and similar job classes came to mind; classes that learn new skills off enemies, items or locations. This form of character advancement would throw Savage Worlds' off balance by randomly making a single player more or less powerful than the others unless the game master keeps throwing "random" encounters at the players, which would then throw the narrative off.

These classes are always around because it's fun to find these hidden abilities, and to have this "swiss-army knife" guy in your party. But this isn't one player's party.

I'm going to have to write a whole section dedicated to making such characters as allies instead of player characters, and how the entire group can benefit from them.

In other news, my new job doesn't allow for much in-desk blogging, so I'll be using my smartphone for the occasional update, so please forgive all the typos.