Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alchemists, Sages, Mimes, Rangers, Time Mages and THEN SOME!

I'm really excited about this update. I fiddled around with the Arcane Backgrounds and the Professional Edges and discovered a few things that could be fine-tuned to make the conversion almost perfect.

Now there is a greater variety of Professional Edges for when you're looking for that Job Class from your Favorite Final Fantasy game.

I also added Alchemists, in my humble opinion, a brilliant alternative to the items found in Final Fantasy (potions and such). Go ahead and check them out, make sure to post any comments you may have!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New stuff!

The latest update includes a Game Master's section with some tips on running a Savage Worlds for this Setting.

To those of you out there who've actually been following, I need feedback on the following:

  • Are the races balanced? Is it OK to allow racial edges to bypass requirements?
  • How about that Bard/Dancer AB? Does it look doable to you?
  • I never got any real feedback on the Professional edges – do they look balanced to you?

Next, I'll try to cover classic items (potions, ethers, remedies, etc.), status effects and limit breaks. I decided I will not do a bestiary, mainly because I intend to show this to my players.

For limit breaks I was thinking giving players a LIMIT POINT for every wound, which they can turn in for an extra action (without multi-action penalty) in a turn. My other idea is to let characters create their own signature moves, but then I'd have to create a set of rules for this. What do you think? Post a comment!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I think I'm about done...

Well, these are ALL the arcane backgrounds... No more. I went and revisited the entire "Magick" and "Mist" concepts. I also added some formatting, which I'm really proud of because it sort of mimics the writing style of the core rulebook. I suggest you read it from the beginning.

...and I added some Professional edges to spice them up a bit!

Having finished with that, I think I'll write a short article on general tips to running a campaign in this setting, and then I'll put togther a quick bestiary, but only the essentials though. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Almost there!

It wouldn't be a Final Fantasy game without dragoons and bards! Go ahead and check 'em out in the Magick Arcane Backgrounds tab!

I'm almost done with the arcane backgrounds. After that, I'll probably make a handful of edges… Post a comment or visit us on the PEGinc forums if you have any requests or feedback!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Colorful Selection

Today I went back to work on Mages. I redid the entire Magick AB and added the Red Mage. I also redid the explanation of the Magick concept, Trappings and elements. Just click on the Arcane Backgrounds - Magick tab on top.

I also added the Blue Magick subcategory. This one should be fun unless your GM is a jerk.

I would really appreciate your feedback! Post your comments or head over to the PEGing forums! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Silent but deadly!

Hey there! Look, a ninja! Never mind, it's gone.

Speaking of which, New arcane background: Ninjitsu! Personally, I think this one is awesome. I apologize in advance if the description may seem a bit simplistic and less serious. I wrote this one at home and the kids in the background put me in a silly mood (as opposed to the boss in the background).

I believed an agility-based AB would throw the game off-balance a bit because it would also allow the character to excel at fighting AND shooting. To balance it out, the ninja needs BOTH hands to cast. So you either fight or cast. Also, no attack spells, if you wanna kill someone, that's what Katanas are for. Finally, a botched roll will leave 'em shaken AND expose their location. Too bad if you were sneaking around.

I updated the Cannoneer to make it make more sense. I hople they are a bit simpler to use now. I also got rid of the machinist, turns out it was too much like a white mage.

Finally I did some fine tweaking on the Starting Powers/Starting Power Points department.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Alright, kids, gather 'round, it's update time!

Today I updated the Magick Arcane Background. Mages now start with as much Power Points as a Generic Wizard, but start with twice as many spells, this is because they have a limited choice of spells and many are redundant. There is also no serious consequence for failure.

What's new, though, is the Mooglecraft Arcane Background! I don't know about you, guys, but to me it sounds like a load of fun to play either Cannoneer or Machinist. The classes take a bit from the Weird Science AB. This background is Agility based, so to balance them out they get to do some extra steps before they can perform their power. These classes are inspired by the Flintlock and Gadgeteer classes from FFTA2.

Also, there's a new page: Races! This one isn't really that exiting because I took race descriptions off the web and then followed the rules in the SW handbook. so 99% of the credit goes to the awesome people at What I'm particularly proud of is how smoothly the conversion went! I only had to make up like 2 edges! I really love character creation in this system. Also, I found it amusing that the species (besides hume) could get an increase to an attribute each!

Anyhow, check it out and feel free to give me any feedback here or in the forums!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I just posted my very first Arcane bachground, take a look!

I figured I could balance the different kinds of mages by limiting the powers they can do. I gave them less power points to force them to start using the "weak version" of the different powers, then they can upgrade. They get more starting spells because I want to make every element (trapping) a separate spell. To compensate for these inconveniences I gave them no penalty for rolling ones.

What do you think?


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