Thursday, January 31, 2013

Viera (male)

Contrary to popular belief, Vieras don’t just spring out of holes in the ground. Upon reaching a certain age and certain other merits, a female Viera is allowed to leave the village, with the tribe’s blessing, in order to find a mate. These searches can take decades, but if successful, she will return to the village and give birth to a child, most likely a girl. If a boy is born, he will be raised until coming of age, when he is cast out of the forest. Usually the boy’s father will predict this date and approach the forest to find his son, but often times the boy will wander off and become a hermit, or integrate into society among other races.

Male Viera are very similar to the females except for the ears, which tend to be shorter and flop backwards. Most people will know they are not Humes, but won’t figure out they’re male Viera. A fact they usually keep for themselves.
  • Sensitivity to Mist: Perhaps because of their latent wild side, Vieras are extremely sensitive to Mist. While exposed to thickened Mist, Vieras temporarily gain the Bloodthirsty hindrance and the Berserk edge.
  • Outcast: Upon coming of age, boys must leave their home forest, never to come back. They will be treated as intruders upon approaching the forest.
  • Overconfident: Viera mothers spoil their boys rotten. The result is grown men who think they can do anything.
  • Pacifist (minor): Perhaps because of how scarce males are, they have a strong self-preservation instinct and will stay out of a fight whenever possible.
  • Agile: Vieras are nimble creatures, thus start with an AGI of d6.
  • Alertness: Vieras have keen sight and hearing.
  • Attractive: Their graceful movements, athletic physique, foreign mannerisms and apparent lack of modesty are irresistible even to those of other races.