Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Silent but deadly!

Hey there! Look, a ninja! Never mind, it's gone.

Speaking of which, New arcane background: Ninjitsu! Personally, I think this one is awesome. I apologize in advance if the description may seem a bit simplistic and less serious. I wrote this one at home and the kids in the background put me in a silly mood (as opposed to the boss in the background).

I believed an agility-based AB would throw the game off-balance a bit because it would also allow the character to excel at fighting AND shooting. To balance it out, the ninja needs BOTH hands to cast. So you either fight or cast. Also, no attack spells, if you wanna kill someone, that's what Katanas are for. Finally, a botched roll will leave 'em shaken AND expose their location. Too bad if you were sneaking around.

I updated the Cannoneer to make it make more sense. I hople they are a bit simpler to use now. I also got rid of the machinist, turns out it was too much like a white mage.

Finally I did some fine tweaking on the Starting Powers/Starting Power Points department.