Thursday, January 20, 2011

New stuff!

The latest update includes a Game Master's section with some tips on running a Savage Worlds for this Setting.

To those of you out there who've actually been following, I need feedback on the following:

  • Are the races balanced? Is it OK to allow racial edges to bypass requirements?
  • How about that Bard/Dancer AB? Does it look doable to you?
  • I never got any real feedback on the Professional edges – do they look balanced to you?

Next, I'll try to cover classic items (potions, ethers, remedies, etc.), status effects and limit breaks. I decided I will not do a bestiary, mainly because I intend to show this to my players.

For limit breaks I was thinking giving players a LIMIT POINT for every wound, which they can turn in for an extra action (without multi-action penalty) in a turn. My other idea is to let characters create their own signature moves, but then I'd have to create a set of rules for this. What do you think? Post a comment!